Tailoring To Transform Your Look

Off the rack doesn’t mean off the rack and onto your body. The first stop is a great tailor.  Most people know that if your pants are too long you should get them tailored but that is where the knowledge sometimes ends.  The secret to an amazing garment that fits like a glove has everything to do with the fit.  If you have ever admired a celebrity on the red carpet or a beautiful bride, they have one thing in common, a great tailor.  For most of us, clothes don’t fit perfectly right off the rack.  Especially past 40 as our bodies change,  things begin to fit differently.  This is where a great tailor can work their magic.  If you find a garment that you love and that fits okay, a tailor can turn that into a custom looking garment without the custom fees.  They can make an ill-fitting garment look like a gorgeous chic piece that was made just for you.



Check out my tailoring tips below:

  • Some of the most common alterations are hemming pants, shortening sleeves or skirt hems.  I also recommend bringing in the waist, shortening straps and even having pants lengthened.
  • Showing a little to much cleavage?  Have a tailor put a snap or hook and eye to have the item be a little more modest.
  • What can be tailored? Pretty much anything if you find the right tailor.
  • Pants too snug or skirt too short? A tailor may also be able to let out some fabric to add additional room, or move a button to add extra space.
  • Find a garment that fits the widest part of you (hips, bust, etc) and have the rest taken in to fit your body perfectly.
  • As a general rule, tailors can usually alter up or down two sizes.
  • When hemming pants, be sure to wear the shoes you’ll wear most with the pants, as this will ensure they’re hemmed to the proper length.
  • When purchasing a garment, be sure to weigh in on how many alterations it may need. If it is a simple skirt that needs many alterations, it may be less expensive to find a similar skirt needing less alterations
  • Breathe new life into a garment with tailoring. Have an old dress made into a skirt or have a boxy jacket updated to a more modern fit.

What are your must have alterations?


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