Taking care of yourself

These days it seems like everything is pulling us in all directions.  It can be difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves.  Especially being a mom I am pulled in hundreds of directions every day and it’s hard to take the time for myself.  Everyone tells you how important it is and we know that, but don’t often take the advice.  For me, it started when I had Stella.  Everyone says that the way to survive the first several months with a newborn is to nap when they nap…impossible.  It’s difficult to run a household, a business, and nap.  Now that she’s 2 1/2, I have other reasons why it’s challenging to make the time to take care of myself.  I have a growing, successful business to run, a family to take care of, a house to manage, a staff to empower and the list goes on.  It all takes time and a whole lot of balance which is something I continue to work on.  This week is a perfect example.  I’m getting ready to go on a fabulous vacation with my family and need to fit in getting the essentials taken care of.  Getting my hair done, my nails done, waxed, a spray tan, extra workouts in, packing, finding someone to take care of the house and dog, and setting everything up so that the business runs smoothly and I can actually vacate.  Although it’s a challenge, I have to stop and remember what I’m doing it for.  Peace of mind and happiness (beauty to me is pure happiness).

taking care of yourself

Here are my tips for taking care of yourself.

1.  Breathe.  Deep cleansing breaths.

2. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.  If you aren’t into meditation, just try to quiet your mind.

3. Make lists.

4. Schedule the essentials or they won’t get done.

5. Get Massages regularly.

6. Get your nails done regularly- even if you do it yourself, this will make you feel pretty.

7. Get the support of people around you.  Whenever I tell my husband or assistant what I need, they help me make it happen.

8. Move your body.  This helps release endorphins which makes you happy.  Even if you can only do a 30 minute walk, it will make a difference.

9. Hydrate.  Sometimes many of us run on caffeine which only makes all situations worse.  Take the time to drink water and you’ll feel better right away!

Spending the extra time on yourself will pay off in volumes in your effectiveness and happiness.  Your relationships will thrive!

What are some of your tips?

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