The White Shirt

One question I get over and over again is, “Do I need to have a white shirt as staple in my wardrobe?” My answer is always surprising, NO. Although the white shirt has been around for ages and creates a nice crisp look, that doesn’t mean that every woman needs one. I haven’t liked them mostly because they are so boring, masculine and take no thought. This spring, however, the white shirt is back in a fresh, new, redone way. Now, this is a white shirt I could get into.

As we get further into Spring I’m sure we’ll see more unique styles revealed. For now, here are some I’ve found online that I love.

The White Shirt

Akris Punto Poplin Blouse, $395.00


WHBM Drama Sleeve Poplin Shirt, $88


Do you like the white shirt? What style?

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