Tips for Successful Shopping on Your Own

So you are heading out for a shopping extravaganza. Whether you are looking to revamp your closet with a whole new fall wardrobe or in search for that perfect dress to wear to your birthday dinner, we suggest you follow our tips below.  Preparation is the key to a successful shopping experience.  With these tips, you’ll be sure to go home with something you absolutely love.

1.  Slip on an outfit that you feel amazing in.  (Feeling great about how you look will give you a whole new outlook when trying garments on.)

2.  Make sure your hair and make up look impeccable.

3.  Wear a necklace that will go with just about anything.

4.  If possible, toss a pair of black heels in your bag.

5.  While you are trying on outfits, make sure you love it before taking it home with you.  If you are not 100% sure you like it right then – don’t buy it.  As Keri always says “it will never look better than it does today.”

Now let’s go shopping!

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