Top 15 Closet Essentials

Over the past 17 years of styling clients, I’ve been creating a list of my top 15 closet essentials every woman needs to have more ease in life and look gorgeous effortlessly. We share these secrets with our clients and now we want to share them with you. Check out the video below to see what they are and how they can create more ease in your life. You’ll be glad you did. If you have some favorites I forgot, let me know what they are. Us ladies should share with each other!


Top 15 Closet Essentials


Top 15 Closet Essentials

Conair Steamer


Top 15 Closet EssentialsConair Fabric Shaver


Top 15 Closet EssentialsFashion Tape 


Top 15 Closet EssentialsShout Wipes


Top 15 Closet EssentialsSafety Pins


Top 15 Closet EssentialsSeam Ripper


Top 15 Closet EssentialsSpray Bottle


Top 15 Closet EssentialsWrinkle Release Spray


Top 15 Closet EssentialsLint Roller


Top 15 Closet EssentialsStatic Guard


Top 15 Closet EssentialsShoe Protector Spray 


Top 15 Closet EssentialsSuede Brush and Eraser


Top 15 Closet EssentialsInsoles


Top 15 Closet EssentialsVelvet Hangers


Top 15 Closet EssentialsHuggable Clips

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