Top 5 Shopping Tips

Top 5 Shopping Tips

Now that it’s finally getting warm, are you ready for some new spring clothes? I know I am! Whether you are wanting a complete makeover of your wardrobe or needing a few new pieces for spring, I have a few tips to help make your shopping trip less stressful and more exciting. Sometimes going on that shopping extravaganza can be overwhelming. We start out enthusiastic and then get discouraged and falter halfway through. So to avoid this pitfall, I came up with my top 5 shopping tips to make sure you have a successful shopping trip. First and foremost, make sure that you are prepared! Preparation is key. Once you are in the right mindset, follow these steps:

1.  Slip on an outfit that you feel amazing in.  

Putting on the right dress that makes you feel bold, sexy, sophisticated, classy and beautiful will start that shopping trip off right. Hang onto that feeling because when you see yourself in an outfit that makes you feel amazing, you will have a different perception of your body and your style.

2.  Make sure your hair and make up look impeccable.

One thing that I do when I go shopping is make sure that my hair and make up is done. This helps tremendously because you are able to see the finished look. It’s hard to have anything look good when you don’t like how you look in the mirror with your hair disheveled and no makeup on. You’ll simply be focused on what isn’t working (mostly that you don’t look or feel great) versus knowing you already look good and the outfit can only accentuate that.

3.  Wear a necklace that will go with just about anything.

It’s something I’ve stood by and continue to believe in: accessories can instantly change and elevate a look. When you shop with a great piece of jewelry on, it will take the outfit to the next level because you’ll instantly see the finished look. I always accessorize my clients when they are with me in the Style Studio trying on their new clothes so they see their outfit in a fresh and polished way!

4.  If possible, toss a pair of neutral heels in your bag.

It may sound silly but this is definitely helpful! Have you ever noticed that when most women try something on, be it a great dress, skirt or pants, they always rise up as if they have on a great pair of heels? Heels make us feel sexier and helps show us how the outfit will look when it’s finished off with heels. Therefore, if you pack a pair of black or nude heels that will go with everything you try on, you’ll instantly know how the outfit will look in the end.

5.  Love it or leave it.

This by far is my most important adviceIf you are not 100% sure you like it right then and there – don’t buy it.  After all,  it will never look better than it does today. I am against buyer’s remorse and a true believer that if you do not love it now, you won’t love it later so do not buy it. If you think it’s a maybe or think you like it or you want to like it, the outfit will sit in your closet with tags left on. You’ll choose other garments that you love versus like to wear.

Now let’s go shopping!

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