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The end of summer is near and so is our opportunity for fun holiday travel! Labor Day weekend is fast approaching so I thought I’d give you some ideas for travel outfits. Men have it easy as they just throw on a pair of jeans or shorts and a shirt and go. As with everything in life, women make things a little more complex. For me, even my travel outfit has to be cute but it doesn’t stop there. I need to have pockets in whatever I wear so I can put my phone or a credit card in it for easy access while running after a 3 year old in the airport. It has to be comfortable as sometimes our travel days last 5 or more hours. It must be stain resistant and I have to be able to wear comfortable shoes with it. This outfit below meets all of my criteria and is amazing because it’s a one piece so the only thing I have to think about is what jewelry will I wear with it and what cocktail I’ll have when we arrive.

Travel Outfit:

travel outfit

Dress: Splendid, $145

Necklace: The Style Studio, $150

Bracelet: The Style Studio, $45

Shoes: Yellow Box Flip Flops, $49


Travel Bag or Tote:

This new black and white stripe tote is my favorite for travel. I can fit an iPad, several magazines, makeup bag, a flat cross body purse to use right away when I arrive, a bottle of water and a light jacket to keep me warm on the plane. Best part, it goes with everything and looks fresh.

travel outfit

travel outfit

travel outfit

travel outfit

Big Bag: Style Studio, $140

Small Blue Bag: Style Studio, $90


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