Vacation Hair

It seems as though if you live in a dry climate and are going to the beach, most women have issues with their hair, me included.  Vacation hair is always a point of stress for me.  I know, how is it possible to stress about something as trivial as your hair on vacation?  But I do.  Whenever I go to a humid climate I’m not satisfied with how my hair turns out and how much effort I put into it.  It gets frizzy and untamed.  On our trip last week to Mexico I decided to play around with it and come up with some solutions so that my hair looked great.  Here are a few things I came up with and overall, I think it turned out and I loved the way my hair looked.
Option #1:  The braid.  I put a simple braid in my bangs and put the back of my hair in a messy bun.  This was a very simple 5 minute style that looked cute enough for the beach or dinner out.  This is a picture from dinner out.
vacation hair
Option #2:   Sea Salt Spray.  Given it’s all the rage right now to create beachy waves, I thought I’d give it a try.   When my hair was wet, I sprayed it in and scrunched it up.  To be honest, this wasn’t the best look for my hair.  I felt like it gave my hair more wave but I still had fly aways and it was frizzy in places. It was fine for a day but I wouldn’t do it again.  I left the sea salt spray in Mexico for the next person to try.
vacation hair
Option 3:  Do a great blowout.  Usually if I spend the extra time to style my hair, it will look good for a day, on the second day, I’ll have to do one of the other looks as it starts to get frizzy and has an unkept look.
vacation hair
Option 4:  Half up/half down.  Although hard to tell in this cute photo, I twisted my hair back on both sides and used bobby pins to keep it back.  This was easy to do and looked good even with a little wave in my hair.
Option 5:  Curl it.  I brought my curling iron and made my own beachy waves.  Check out our other blog posts on how to do it.  I loved this look because the curls lasted a couple of days and looked great in the humid climate.  Sorry but I don’t have any pictures from this trip.
Option 6:  Bang twist.  This is a great way to keep your bangs or just your hair out of your face in an easy 2 step process.  It was perfect for these photos in the wind.  How you do it, take a 1 inch section of your hair, pull it back and pin it under your hair so you can’t see the pin.  I did this on both sides to keep it out of my face.
What are some of your vacation hair tricks?

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