Valentine’s Day = Love

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a day to express love.  I feel like over the years as we get older, Valentine’s Day has lost a little luster for us.  Maybe it’s because we’ve hardened ourselves to being totally available or maybe we just get too busy.  I say it’s time to bring the love back to Valentine’s Day.  I remember when I was little I would get so excited to go to school on Valentine’s Day with all of the cards I made for my classmates with candy attached.  I thought it was great to give them all something and what a fabulous surprise it was that when I returned to my desk, my box was filled up with a bunch of these really cool cards with notes on them.  It was a day to express love, admiration or just be silly and hand out hearts to each other. 
printable-kids-valentines-day-cards-11 Over the years as I talk to women in their 20’s and early 30’s, something has happened.  They aren’t into this glorious holiday.  They either ignore it if they are single or breeze by it if they are in a relationship making it no big deal to celebrate because after all, the flowers are overpriced and a dinner out costs a fortune.  What happened to the celebration of it all? Love is something we can express everyday with anyone or most importantly ourselves.  Valentine’s Day is an excuse to focus on love or just be silly about it.  What could you do this Valentine’s Day to love yourself a little more?  Maybe dress sexy just for you,  wear your sexy red bra and panties under your outfit for the day, you are sure to feel great.  If you don’t own one, what better time to go buy one.  Light a candle and have a glass of wine to celebrate the woman you are.  Take a much needed bath with flowers in it.  Anything you can think of but spoil yourself.  You could also surprise someone you love with a gift, a card or even just a smile and letting them know you appreciate them.  For me, going on a romantic walk or cuddle time speaks volumes!!

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