What to Look For in a Hairstylist

It’s no secret that your hair is a big part of your identity and how the world views you. Some of the greatest haircuts have made women style icons and created a movement. Seriously! Just look at Jennifer Aniston with her “Rachel” haircut. Having a good hair day everyday can also boost your confidence! But the question is how do we get that perfect hairstyle? Well, the answer is a great hairstylist. A great hairstylist can literally change your life by finding the perfect cut, color, and style for your face. Now in order to make sure you are trusting your luscious mane with the right stylist (because not everyone can just grow their hair back immediately), here are my tips on what to look for in a hairstylist.


  • They need to be a good listener
    There are many talented hairstylists out there, but the ones that are truly amazing are those that listen to your wants and needs. It’s kind of like an image consultant. We recommend amazing outfits that flatter your figure but ensure that you feel amazing in it and it’s within your style. We never want to force anything on our clients or ignore what they identify with. We want to enhance your beauty, not stifle it.
  • Offer changes
    Aside from listening to their client’s needs, a good hairstylist will also suggest changes that they believe is best for their client. Changes that include different hair lengths, color, styles, etc. An expert in the industry will make sure that their clients not only feel good but look their best. Sometimes we think we know what we want or get use to a certain style that we never look outside the box. We need someone who will be 100% honest with us and that we can trust.
  • Asking questions about lifestyle
    This is important because your lifestyle can affect your hairstyle. Some women need a style that they can put in a pony tail or maybe they don’t have time to spend more than 10-15 minutes on their hair. These facts change everything.
  • Educates you
    A good hairstylist is also a great teacher. I think that it matters more how you look everyday styling your own hair than it does when you leave the salon. We all know that you’ll look fabulous when they do it, but can you do it? I love a hairstylist that will take the time to show you which products to use and why. Not only that, but one that will explain which tools to use and how to use them to get your desired look. If they won’t take the time to teach you, you should move on.
  • Expert
    A good hairstylist is an expert. They will know what hair color is best for your skin tone, hair cut for your face shape, and styles that are best suited for your everyday activities. They will continue to educate themselves in the industry making sure that they are on top of what are the latest trends that could work for each individual client and products that are best suited for different hair types and what they can achieve.

With all this talk of a great hair stylist, here’s a few pictures of my trip to mine. Oh and that’s another thing in a great hair stylist, they keep a great relationship with their clients. This means not only remembering your kids names but remembering how you like your hair done, which products you use and what you struggle with in styling it.  

Here’s a few pictures during my appointment.



P.S. If your hairstylist isn’t providing these things, it may be time for a move even though you love them as people.

Let me know what other qualities you think make a great hairstylist or if you have any other questions.

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