Yoga wear – only for exercising

Let’s talk for a minute about yoga wear.  It is such an interesting conversation as most people that ask about it, don’t wear it.  Yoga wear has become this thing that women wear when they don’t really feel like getting dressed.   Whether they are a stay at home mom rushing their kiddos to and from school, a nanny or a 30 something professional running errands on the weekends. I think we’ve become a little too casual wearing our Lululemon’s every day.  I live in Denver where this is all too much the case.  But it is also a big problem in other places hence why a Montana lawmaker is trying to make it illegal.

“Tight-fitting clothing—like yoga pants, for example—could also be considered indecent exposure under the law, the Republican lawmaker said. ‘Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway,’ Moore said after the hearing.” –Rep David Moore taken from

Although I don’t feel THAT strongly about it, (I too like to wear my “tight-fitting clothing” while I’m out exercising or at pilates).  I do feel like as a society, we’ve taken it a bit far though.  It seems that everywhere I go, there is a woman in her yoga pants even though she hasn’t stepped foot in a yoga studio (or elsewhere to exercise that day).

Here is some inspiration to get you out of your yoga wear.  These amazing pieces are still comfortable and yet look great for your daily activities.

[av_one_third first]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

XCVI Monte Carlo Pant Cloud, $129.00

XCVI Regan Pants Sea Salt, $140.00

Kamalikulture by Norma Kamali Wide Pants, $99.00

[av_one_third first]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

Hale Bob Ikat Haze Pant Teal, $172.00

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Pant Resort, $118.00

Splendid Modal Maxi Skirt, $88.00


[av_one_third first]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]yoga wear[/av_one_third]

Splendid Slub Tee, $68.00

Splendid 1×1 L/S V-Neck Top, $48.00

Splendid Nairobi Stripe Long Sleeve Paper, $88.00


  1. Keri, I’ve been meaning to comment on your post last week about yoga pants.

    Thank you!!!!

    A friend of mine last year said she made her New Years resolution to not wear yoga pants every day. I was speechless. This is a resolution?

    Last month, I was near the TJ Maxx on Orchard, which I’ve always regarded as the best TJ Maxx…and I needed a black dress for a funeral. After looping the store twice and unable to find the dress section, I asked where it was.

    “Oh, we don’t carry dresses.”

    I almost fainted in a sea of yoga pants. I mean the yoga pants section was larger than the main floor of my home. Am I actually to believe that a request for a dress is THAT off-trend? Unbelievable!

    What is happening to Colorado?!

    Thank you for validating my gripe and also hopefully making some women put away the yoga gear…for even 2 days a week!

    And just to prove that my anti-yoga gear is not completely self righteous, I purchased the KAMALIKULTURE by Norma Kamali Wide Pants! And I MAY be seen in them, but only if paired with cute accessories!

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