Zara Kids

I have loved shopping at Zara for myself for years. Since we don’t have one in Colorado, every time I was near one, I’d have to shop.  I’ve been to many store locations both international and in the states and can always find something I love!

zara kids

This is one of my favorite Zara jackets I picked up in London last Spring.

Lately, I’m equally obsessed with their kids clothes. What’s not to love about these pieces. Recently, I realized Stella was in need of some new basics so I decided to check out Zara Kids first. I absolutely love what I found and so did she. Given she is such a little fashionista, I can only preselect her clothes and then she gets the final say. It’s very similar to the relationship I have with my clients. So finally, we agreed and purchased our favorites online. I was so excited when I received the box that I had to kids zara kids

zara kids

Printed dress $29.90

Skinny Jeans $19.90

Denim Leggings $12.90

Organic Cotton Stripped T-shirt $7.90

Organic Cotton T-shirt $9.90

Organic Cotton T-shirt with Tulle Bows $7.90

Organic Cotton T-shirt with Peter Pan Collar $9.90

Tulle Skirt with Stars $17.90


What are your favorite places for cute and stylist kids clothes?

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